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12 wheel trigger crank trigger - Mitsubishi - Clarification required URGENT.

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  • 12 wheel trigger crank trigger - Mitsubishi - Clarification required URGENT.

    (SUBJECT - 12 tooth crank trigger wheel settings)

    Hi All,

    Hopefully somebody can help me during the XMAS period.
    I've been trying to get my car ready for startup and tuning this month.

    It is at a stage where it is mechanically ready and electronically ready.
    It just needs the glorious turn key and fire up to validate that the hard work has paid off.
    The engine previously had a Mitsubishi CAS installed and the drop down selection was available. The autronic worked with this setting without any issues.

    Engine: 4G63 VR4
    ECU: Autronic SM4 v1.14
    Trigger: Kiggle 12 tooth hall effect at Crank and OEM Cam Angle Sensor at OEM location (head) - Single pulse with 1 window blocked).

    Sensor details below:
    12 tooth wheel.JPG CAS wheel - Optical Hall.JPG

    So, the car used to run well.
    Now i get zero spark.
    Scope gave me a flat line. I found a break in the wire and fixed it. But still want to validate the settings below.

    What is should be getting below:

    Scope Trigger Signals.JPG


    Would like more confidence in my settings with some clarficaition below:

    The info in F1 explains how to calculate but i have possible answers. 3 or 6.

    Help me finalise the value.

    The F1 note for this I/P Cylinder & Sync item is as below:

    1. Trig decoder: Divider HiSpeed 2S (or should i use LoSpeed? My chip is 1.14 SM4).

    2. Tester - What is this??? I tried the scope with it disabled and got a straight line on the chart. I since identified a wiring issue and have resolved it. Would like to understand what this does exactly before i give it another go with starting the car up.

    3. EFP Divider factor: - where my questions are mainly focussed:

    It states Number of teeth per engine cycle divided by "Trigger events/cycle"
    so 24 teeth divided by "4"?

    Does it mean:

    Is the definition of trigger events/cycle:
    Number of cylinder events per cycle. Number of crank pulses per engine cycle (4 strokes).

    12 teeth wheel half a cycle.
    There for a cycle refers to 24 triggers for my 12 tooth wheel..

    Also, the example refers to a missing tooth trigger.
    Mine has no missing teeth.
    Or is the missing in my case equiv to the CAS trigger which is 1?

    Therefore 24 * 1 / 4 = 6.

    Anyway, thought I'd ask the question before i spend time guessing numbers and potentially on the wrong path...

    4. Divider offset - OK

    5. Trigger events per cycle. =4

    The rest is OK and straight forward.

    I've attached the CAL

    Below are Haltech and AEM settings for your reference.

    Haltech Settings.JPG AEM Settings.JPG


    Attached Files
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